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Forget to send your Email Marketing messaging with an external entity to your company or with complex shipping codes and programs. Myguestlist with only one click and without programming you could send emails in bulk. It also has an advanced email editor that makes the work easier for you and your design team at the moment to create and mount an email marketing campaign.

Advanced-mail marketing editor and easy to use

Do your EMAIL MARKETING campaigns like the professionals!
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Our editor “DRAG & DROP”, is an easy to use tool where you can personalice, edit and save your email marketing campaigns. 

Find availability and variety of templates for the design of your newsletter in HTML format.. 

Integrate and segment your database to maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns. 

Simple and powerful

Reporting and data analysis.


We provide personalized support to solve your concerns.


Impressive campaigns and effective promotions.


Facilitates the linking of hyperlinks to any section of the e-mail.  


Add advanced options such as videos or articles about your business or establishment.


Easily connect campaigns with your social networks.

Update emails

Program and send automatic messages to your different clients

Integrate information from your database into your automatic messages, such as dates, names, etc.


Create, personalize and program birthday templates, reminders, reservations or automatic answers.

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