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Companies must stay on the top list of online searches. The presence in Google is fundamental, being at the view of the consumer in the moment that he is looking for something related to our product is the key to stay in the game. Social Pop generates that presence for their clients, without neglecting any point of contact.

-Online advertising campaigns 

-Advertising search/ Google Adwords

-Viral marketing


SEM, which means Search Engine Marketing, affects the areas of sponsored results in search engines like Google. One of the most used systems is Adwords (PPC, pay per click), where whoever offers more for a search term appears first on the results page.

SEO which means Search Engine Optimisation, includes -among other things- the work done on a website so that search engines can't find errors when people visit. Impacts in the order in which the sites appear in the organic or natural results of search engines such as Google. 


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